Friday, October 17, 2008

I was recently commissioned by filmmaker and actor Franklin Abrams, who is also a Monk Eastman aficionado and scholar, to illustrate and design a logo for his upcoming Our Gotham project. Abrams is behind the Monk 1903 website of which I posted about on September 16. Our Gotham will be an ongoing series of webisodes focusing on Eastman and his pals Lollie Meyers and Joseph Brown in a modern setting as well as of times past, and the first episode should be up online in November.
I will have more details as they become available to me.
With very little photo reference of Monk Eastman out there, I had to imagine a three quarter view of the old gangster boss and believe I've managed to capture his essence.

Some blog sides notes:

I just recently added a counter to the blog as my curiosity was peaked as to how many visits it actually gets. I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors in the short time so I thank all of you who have, and keep dropping by.

Future posts may be a little sporadic as I am gearing up for something for which I will announce soon, and in turn will keep me quite (happily) busy.

I also should note that it seems this blog, for some reason, is best viewed through a Firefox browser as when looked at in Safari, certain elements are actually missing !?


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