Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Jews Of Sing Sing

I just recently returned from a couple of entertaining and informative appearances by author Ron Arons, who was in town for two nights in conjunction with the release of his new book The Jews Of Sing Sing.

The book was initially sparked when Arons was researching his great grandfather, Isaac Speirs, who, to his surprise, spent four years in Sing Sing Prison for bigamy. Intended originally as a family memoir, and a good part of the book details his search for his great grandfather's story, it also morphed into a more complete overview of some of the more infamous, and not so infamous Jewish inmates of the notorious penitentiary. Ron's book is the final result of ten years worth or research.
The Jews Of Sing Sing is now available, and for more details you can go to his website here

Also keep an eye out for appearances by Ron in your area code as they are a fun and informative romp on Jewish criminality and its history.

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