Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here are some photos and short write up for the show currently on display in Los Gatos, California... just click on here for a quick glance.

In preparing for this exhibit I thought I would contribute some newer portraits that I completed the last few months leading up to this current exhibit.

They include new versions of
Irving 'Big Gangy' Cohen and Meyer Lansky, and the un- cropped version of Dutch Schultz, which was used in the publicity materials.
I realized they hadn't been posted here as of yet so here they are...

These new portraits were done partly due to the fact that some original artwork from past exhibits are no longer in my possession, but also, this, and past exhibits, are not just the portraits hanging on walls, but also represent the historical arc of the Jewish Gangster from the turn of the Twentieth Century up until the mid 1940's in the way it's displayed. So, it's important that key players are included in the exhibit.
Also it's a continuous strive on my end to come up with stronger artistic representations when I feel its needed. These three, among the couple of others that were completed for the show..